Pintao - Neighborhood Bakery & Coffee

Pintao is a community bakery chain in Panama. It is also a new brand in the market. We wanted a warm brand, accessible, gentle. By and for the people.

Gessie Pastor
Based In
Panama City
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The Challenge

My graphic style is usually symmetric, but in this case, I decided to break with routine because that was the best decision for the sake of the project. We wanted for this brand to be perceived as "something done with the hands" almost like "something made by children".

Starting Point

The research concluded that this brand has a big potential to become somenthing bigger in the future.

We decided to create a typographic brand. We wanted to prevent making a symbol associated with the origins (Something associated with bread or coffee) since it could bring us problems later on.


The brand is born from something very typical of "Panamanian coffee time". They call coffee with milk "Café PINTAO". Our first step was deleting the word "café" to the name and the searching how this represents the act of "pouring milk into coffee" to refer to "Café PINTAO".

Uso de carácter ilustrativo

Design Process.

The process was almost intuitive.

We choose a very irregular font and then we make a stroke divide in the tones to give the look we were after.

Final Result

We achieved a "commmunity" brand! PINTAO is the essence of the people. A simple, cheerful, and colloquial brand.