Marcela Palma Online Laywer

Marcela Palma is a lawyer and advisor to small, medium-sized companies and state institutions in Costa Rica. However, she's based in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Therefore, she needed to create an online mechanism through which she could continue to provide services to State institutions and Costa Rican companies.

Marcela Palma
Based In
Costa Rica
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The Challenge

Create a brand that merges these attributes: femininity, power, security, but above all, innovation. We wanted to get away from the sobriety, seriousness and secrecy that most of the brands providing legal services transmit.

Starting Point.

We chose the letter M as a starting point and the well-known chat bubble symbol, but we didn’t want to add it in an obvious way in the brand. Rather, as a resource to introduce it in the general communication of the brand.

I experimented with fluid forms making separations through gradients and shadows.


Innovation, disruption, security

Innovation: online legal services

Disruption: A communication and differentiated image from other legal services.

Security: Provide the feeling to each client of "being in good hands".

This brand should gave a feeling as something close and breaking with the status-quo of remote and online services.

Design Process

We created an "M" letter separated by color and shadows, so that it represents the connectivity of a point A (long distance contact) to a point B (obtaining effective legal advice).

To represent disruption, power, and security, we used purple colors, oranges and fuchsias representing dynamism and disruption. These colors are not usually in the legal services industry.

Resultado Final

A different brand, with human warmth, that feels close and without barriers or distances.