Jason Fallas - Product Designer

Jason is a Costa Rican self-taught product designer. His talent and effort have led him to work for digital products in the United States, United Kingdom, Dubai, and other countries.

Jason Fallas
Based In
Costa Rica
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The Challenge

Jason found it difficult to find a visual guide with he could identify with. He is very inquisitive when it comes to creating something, and that turned against him because it was difficult to choose something for himself. This made me think that the problem was not creating something visually amazing (because he is a great designer) but rather, creating something conceptually amazing. So, this gave me a sense of responsibility to meet his expectations and therefore, the initial question was, how to develop a concept that definitely convinces Jason? (or at least for a sufficient time)

Starting Point.

Repeating the research is my most valuable resource. Understanding his history, his present and his future, understanding the correlation between his personal and professional life, his aspirations, his obstacles and his ways of dealing with them, led me to think of a 45 degree line and the constant visual tension that generates. Above all, I understood that his ambition is so powerful, that it drives it to overcome everything.


A 45 degree line.

Jason, like me, comes from low-income neighborhoods, south of the Costa Rican capital, that's why I feel a lot of empathy for his history. We could say that his whole life has had "that tension" of an inclination of 45 degrees. Though some would use it as a limitation, it has become his "gasoline". He does not regret "having to climb", on the contrary, he would say that he is already an "adrenaline junkie" in overcoming the challenges.

Design Process.

We built an isotype by merging the J and F, and adding an inclination of 45 degrees. That same inclination is present throughout the graphic line.

Final Result.

We obtained a powerful brand, which despite its natural visual tension (being inclined 45 degrees) transmits dynamism, strength, creativity and stability.