Drizzle App

Drizzle is a revolutionary digital product that seeks to change the way in which businesses obtain authentic and fresh content for their digital marketing strategies. It offers consumers the possibility of creating curated and creative content in exchange for discounts or cash. At the same time, becoming a powerful tool that builds loyalty. Drizzle expresses the full potential of a C to B business idea.

Jay Negrin
Based In
Miami, United States
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The Challenge

The Drizzle brand represented a visual and conceptual challenge. We needed a minimalist brand, yet suitable for use in small sizes. One element that represented a challenge and an opportunity, was the little association of the name with the digital product.

Starting Point.

We choose the letter D as a starting point. We needed to create a simple but powerful D, easy to recognize in all sizes of a digital environment.


Drizzle has two meanings:

1.Principal meaning: Light rain falling in very fine drops.

2. Second use: Trickle a thin stream of (a liquid ingredient) over food.

We used the meanings to create two analogies associated with the brand.

1. As a light rain: We make reference to 3 parts of the water cycle are used.

→ Evaporation = Upload content 

→ Condensation = Store content

→ Precipitation = Download content.

2. Trickle a thin stream of a liquid over food: That means "Some Drizzle (over food / For business and customers) makes everything better".

Design Process.

We use 2 grids to build the logo:

---> The golden ratio to build the D

---> The iOS icons grid: This was used so that the D had a size and thickness suitable for all its uses.

We use Averta Std PE Bold as the basis for the logo. However, a grid was also created to change some elements of the typography and make it more geometric in order to make it more congruent with the icon.

Final Result.

We designed a strong, cheerful, friendly and professional brand. Easy to see and recognize in all its common uses, which has a strong character and dynamism.