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Buyfriend is a digital product that merges cooperation services and blockchain technology as an exchange currency. A truly revolutionary idea based in London, United Kingdom.

Based In
United Kingdom
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The Challenge

Simplicity is a challenge in itself. We looking a symbol simple, basic and minimalist

Starting Point.

We did have many concepts and possibilities. but after a long ideation process, we chose the simplicity of a lower case "b" and the energy of fire expressed on its most minimalist form.


Simplicity, innovation, change and power

Fire was a discovery that affected the course of humanity. Thats the reason why we chose it for our concept. Buyfriend has the potential to change some known concepts.

Design Process

We created a grid that gave life to a minimalist form of fire and that would create the visual illusion of a lowercase b.

Final Result

A simple, but powerful and expressive brand was obtained.