Bee Coffee Bar | Panama Coffee Shop

Bee Coffee Bar is a Coffee Shop based in Panama City. It's a new concept in the Panamanian market in which I have the pleasure of having been involved since it started. When we started working on it we had many ideas in mind, however we had nothing clear. The brand creation process helped a lot to categorize, promote and discard some ideas, choosing the best ones to work for.

Gessie Pastor
Based In
Panama City
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The Challenge

A particular challenge in this brand was the naming process. On a visual level, the challenge was to create a brand that with the potential to capture its target audience, fresh, playful, fun and casual.

Starting Point.


We wanted a short name, and didn't want to use the word "Coffee Shop" as a "brand last name". After exploring several options, the first thing we chose was "the brand last name". We decided on COFFEE BAR.

Finally, we chose the name BEE, for two reasons, we used "Bee" because the sound is very similar to "Be" (from the verb ”to be”). This has a great potential to create playful phrases, marketing possibilities and graphic elements as well.


We want BEE COFFEE SHOP to represent a HUB for it target audience. A place where people study, meet for business or friendship, etc. Therefore, when adding the word "BEE" intrinsically, we said this place is a beehive (a community).

Design Process

Immediately we were clear that we wanted to graphic level: 

A merge of a To go coffee cup with a bee. 

We wanted something simple and that the people would recognize both elements without much effort.

Several visual tests were performed, then an idea was chosen and perfected until the final mark.

Final Result

We have a brand with high marketing potential. It has welcoming graphic elements, and enormous emotional component.