My process

The process is the difference.

Our sad reality...

Brand design has been downgraded. People look at it as a non-professional practice, simple and cheap.

And the designers are guilty of that because we don’t have any process that supports our work. 

An example of a regular process will be: Client makes a request Designer asks 3 to 5 questions “to try to understand the business ”Designer makes 3 proposals and then tries with all their strength to get the client to accept one.

This must change!

Design for a brand, should not be a random and subjective process where the people choose based on their personal opinion. We must use a process that is dynamic, flexible, collaborative and effective. Something closer to a science and beyond art because the design creates solutions about users, businesses, and communication.

Now, let's talk about hope…

Over the years, as a result of this concern, my passion and my wish is to make a difference. I’ve created a process that is proven with many companies and industries in different countries.
My process uses and adapts methods like Design Thinking to understand the business. The Design Sprint is to design the right visual solutions. It is a cycle of research, group information, make sketches and "prototypes" and then final proposals until what we achieve is a beautiful and useful brand.

My process:

Collaborative: Working hand in hand
Dynamic: because blending different methods to extract, understand and use all necessary info.
Flexible: Able to adapt to different companies, industries, people, communication needs, physical or online environment, etc.
Effective: 98% of cases the proposal is accepted, the other percent is reserved for cases when we detected that the final proposal needs a few and small changes (that's usual when we work as a team).

The process is key to success, the research is key to get the right information and the methods are key to know what to do with all the above.

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