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Hi, I'm Esteban, a brand and product designer based in San Jose, Costa Rica. I believe that the process makes a difference, and creativity is more fluid together, that's why I focus on working side by side with the stakeholders as a team, using collaboration methods to understand the business goals, market, audience, users, and so on, and then test the solutions. What is next? Keep iterating

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I’ve been working alongside Esteban for more than 6 years and I learned to see him as a multidisciplinary designer, capable of facing any challenge from video, motion, graphic design and branding. He has evolved into one of the best brand designers I’ve worked with, delighting me with the work he did for my personal branding, digital content and social media strategy.

Jason Fallas, Product Design, Costa Rica

What Esteban creates is different from everyone else. The key ingredient is his passion for design. He lives, breaths and loves his work..

Jay Negrin, CEO Drizzle App, Miami

Esteban pone todo su empeño en trasladar al diseño toda la ilusión y las ideas de nuestro proyecto personal. Logra capturar todo lo que uno tiene en mente y le da forma y sentido de manera sorprendente. Muy agradecida con su maravilloso trabajo para mi marca personal

Marcela Palma, Abogada, Costa Rica

Esteban is truly a great designer. He is capable of translate your idea into motion, understanding the key elements of your business. I'll work with him in the near future with no hesitation.

Caruan, CEO Buyfriend App, United Kingdom

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